Digitalization and innovation

Being a modern company, GTLK pays much attention to digitalization of business process management and information technologies. Presently, the company uses a leasing automation system, possesses an improved server and network infrastructure and a storage system for critical data backup copies, as well as is effectively protected from viruses and cyberattacks. 

One of the priority areas of GTLK's activity is the development of innovative infrastructure of the transport industry and setting the stage for financing projects aimed at development and introduction of high technologies. GTLK is included in the 'Digital Economy of the Russian Federation' national program and focused on the introduction of 'cross-cutting' digital technologies and platform solutions mainly based on Russian inventions.

To handle the task, GTLK in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Communications have launched a program for preferential lease of digital assets co-financed by the government. The machines and software acquired by GTLK will be leased to enterprises in top-priority sectors of economy and social sphere, as well as federal and municipal institutions. The program will satisfy the demands of Russian economy for comprehensive digital solutions and software products, as well as expand the market where Russian enterprises can use Russian technologies.

A GTLK’s corporate accelerator created in 2019 on the GenerationS platform by RVC should become an important part of the system aimed at supporting and implementing promising developments. The main task of the accelerator is to search and select promising technological solutions in the transport sector. According to the results of the competition, the best startups will get access to the acceleration program and the opportunity to launch pilot projects in partnership with leading transport companies.