State Transport Leasing Company is one of the leading companies in the Russian leasing market, a diversified leasing company being one of the top 5 leasing companies by volume of the leasing portfolio, an industry leader in the aircraft and water transport leasing sectors.

The sole shareholder of the company is the Russian Federation represented by the Ministry of Transport.

STLC’s mission:
STLC is an implementation tool of the state policy of control and development of the Russian transport industry.

STLC’s objectives:

  • Implementation of state support of the transport sector
  • Attraction of extra-budgetary investment in the development of the transport industry
  • Support of domestic transport engineering
  • Formation of an efficient transport infrastructure of the country

Its principal activities are the leasing of air transport, sea and river vessels, railway vehicles, trucks and special equipment as well as energy-efficient urban passenger transport, including gas and electricity propelled vehicles.

STLC also facilitates the utilization of Russia’s transit potential, and develops transport and infrastructure projects using the leasing mechanism.

Due to access to a wide range of funding sources and strong partnerships with reputable manufacturers and suppliers of transport technology STLC can offer its customers attractive financial and service conditions for the leasing of various types of machinery and equipment, while providing an individual approach to the structuring of an individual transaction.