Investor Relations

State Transport Leasing Company is an attractive financial partner for both Russian and foreign investors. The sole shareholder of STLC is the Russian Federation represented by the Ministry of Transport.

The Company operates as a state tool for the implementation of policies aimed at modernization and development of the transport complex of the country. At the same time, the Company is governed in line with the market principles.

STLC is the first leasing company in Russia tapping not only Western, but also Asian financial markets, successfully attracted funding for specific projects. The structure of the financial portfolio includes bonds, bank loans, own funds and federal budget funds allocated for additional capitalization of the company for projects to support and develop Russia's transport industry.

STLC has two outstanding Eurobond issues for USD 500 mn each, both issues are listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. Apart from this, STLC’s local bonds issues in the total nominal amount of RUB 74.2 bn are admitted to the trading on MOEX in Russia, as at 31 May 2017.

STLC has double B category credit ratings from international rating agencies Fitch Ratings and Moody’s Investors Service.