State Transport Leasing Company is owned by the Russian Federation. It is administered by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Shareholder — Russian Federation (Through the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation)

Board of Directors - Members

  • M.A. Akimov – Deputy Chief of the Government Staff of the Russian Federation
  • S.A. Aristov – State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation
  • O.E. Bocharov – Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
  • A.I. Boginsky – CEO, JSC «Russian Helicopters»
  • F.A. Borisov – Independent Director
  • S.N. Khramagin – CEO, PJSC «STLC»
  • Y.M. Medvedev – CJSC «Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange»
  • V.M. Okulov – Independent Director
  • A.R. Taicher – Independent Director

Management of the Company

  • S.N. Khramagin CEO, PJSC «STLC»
  • D.V. Shaplyko First Deputy CEO, PJSC «STLC»
  • A. V. Borisevich First Deputy CEO, PJSC «STLC»
  • I.Y. Asabin Deputy CEO – chief of Staff, PJSC «STLC»
  • F.M. Martynov Deputy CEO, PJSC «STLC»
  • S.G. Bessarabov Deputy CEO, PJSC «STLC»